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2019 Venue

Greenville, SC

AutoPack Summit is an open forum for OEMs to discuss their packaging innovations and challenges. The goal is to collaborate for a more efficient and cost effective supply chain for both automotive and the economy. AutoPack Summit has continued to grow every year of its existence. Tickets have sold out both years and its reach has become international. In 2018, attendees were welcomed from the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Belgium, and Germany. As the Summit grows, so does the event venue. This year, we are excited to host this event at the Greenville ONE Center in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. This offers an expanded auditorium and rooms for targeted breakout sessions.

Networking opportunities - Excellent timing, nice lunch mixer
— Attendee
AutoPack Summit gives us networking with the automotive world exclusively, versus a small pocket of representatives in the midst of other packaging specialties
— Sponsor
Networking with brands and Tier 1 to learn of future requirements of material handling
— Attendee

Speakers, panelist, and confirmed attendees include

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