Press Release

The automotive industry is thriving in the south. Since the 1980’s, globalization has brought foreign automotive companies to North America and a lot of those companies have rooted themselves in the southeast. This significantly changed the economic layout of the region and boosted the economy by helping local companies thrive and bringing about more jobs. Along with the automotive migration, part suppliers and packaging suppliers started popping up around the area. This growth created a thriving network where professionals connect to create the best system, but sometimes too much growth causes the network to become too big to properly communicate within.

This is where the Automotive Packaging Summit steps in to bring packaging professionals together to discuss how to improve automotive packaging. With the industry growing as rapidly as it is, it is hard to keep up with the resources that are available. This inaugural event, hosted on October 12-13th, will work to bring attention to the resources that are available in the Southeast. At the summit, professionals will gather together to receive new insights and learn what resources they can take advantage of in the southeast. Good packaging is a vital component in the automotive industry as it eliminates damage in the distribution process.  

OEM’s have the opportunity to speak on a relevant topic of their choice to an audience of packaging and part suppliers. Packaging suppliers have the opportunity to sponsor this event to gain exposure, showcase their product, and network more effectively.

History and description

This is the inaugural AutoPack Summit of an event that we hope to continue annually. After over a decade in the packaging industry, Dr. Andrew Hurley decided to address a problem he sees continually in the automotive industry - improper packaging of parts. Automotive parts are often damaged during distribution wasting valuable resources not to mention the time spent creating and manufacturing these valuable parts.

 The goal of this event is for OEMs and Tier 1 part suppliers to discuss, collaborate, and unveil innovations within the packaging value chain. Packaging providers will be in attendance and showcasing the latest in packaging technologies. The 2 day summit will be a highly productive session that rises the tides for everyone that touches automotive packaging.

Packaging is the constant in supply chains; knowing how to leverage the materials and processes available will unlock exponential ROI.
— R. Andrew Hurley, PhD

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