Peninsula Plastics

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Peninsula Plastics is the industry leader of custom engineered thermoformed solutions, supplying world-class dunnage and packaging products to our clients since 1980.

Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, our team of industry specialists are dedicated to providing creative, flexible and cost-effective solutions in the automotive, food & beverage, textile and retail markets. We offer a wide range of standard and flexible products for any packaging challenge.

Headquartered in Auburn Hills, and introducing our new location in Pontiac, our production capabilities allow us to manufacture your custom engineered products on-time and competitively priced. We proudly stand behind our ability to offer low-production custom orders for your unique packaging solution.

Our thermoforming capabilities include single & twin-sheet thermoforming, heavy gage thermoforming, CNC mold making and trimming, vacuum forming, pressure forming, and compression molding. Through our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, we have what it takes to form your vision into a cost-driven solution.

All of our custom product engineering happens in-house, overseeing the entire process from concept to production. Combined with our veteran thermoforming manufacturing team, we can produce anything our clients dream of. We have a proven track record of demonstrating to our clients that Peninsula Plastics is the premier packing solution partner.

Headquarters: 2800 Auburn Court
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326-3203
Phone: (248) 852-3731