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Without Freudenberg, indoor air would not be as clean, cars would not drive and wounds would not heal as quickly. These are just three examples from thousands of our applications.

Freudenberg – a global technology group with around 50,000 employees in some 60 countries and annual sales of more than 9.4 billion euros in 2018. So much for the facts and figures. But what about the spirit? What drives us?

Commitment to excellence is how we help our customers advance. The industrial diversity that allows for ever more new applications. The innovation strength from our many years of material, system and technology competence, inspired by diverse teams. Values that have guided us for nearly 170 years. And the determination to take responsibility for the environment and society. The sum of it all equals the Freudenberg Spirit.

The world is constantly changing. With our unique material, system and technology competence, we are always ready to face new developments and take an active role in shaping them. Starting with chrome tanning, the Simmerring radial shaft seal and sophisticated components in medical technology or for Mobility: For nearly 170 years, we have found forward-looking solutions to help our customers succeed and make development more sustainable for the environment and society.

Strong company values are the yardstick for our how we think and act. They guide our daily interactions and they also define the values we use when dealing with customers, business partners, neighbors and the environment. This makes us a reliable partner around the world.

Freudenberg is still family-owned, making it independent, long-term oriented and responsible in its actions. What guided our company founder Carl Johann Freudenberg still applies today. His “Allgemeinen Betrachtungen” (General Observations) from 1897 are the inspiration for our current Business Principles, which form the basis for our Guiding Principles. Every employee is an ambassador for these values and pledges to uphold an internal Code of Conduct, specifying practical workplace issues, including compliance, workplace safety, health and environmental protection.


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