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Leasing equipment preserves working capital, the life-blood of any business. Further, when you consider that bank financing typically requires significant money down, a depository relationship, restrictive covenants such as the right to set-off and ongoing financial performance metrics; the cost of leasing is often less than the cost of bank financing.

Compared to other companies in the leasing and finance industry that limit themselves to one distinct industry vertical or asset collateral type, VFG will consider providing funds for equipment and software acquisitions for just about any type of equipment collateral that one could think of. What's more is that VFG will consider opportunities that require residual equipment value risk on a wide variety of assets.

VFG typically awards financing for requests between $50,000 and several million dollars. However, the company doesn’t limit itself by industry or deal size and will consider transactions for less than $50,000 if the business justification is warranted. Transactions under $100,000 are typically approved for funding the same day that they are submitted and VFG offers customized payment plans that enable customers to match payments to cash flows. The company offers 100% financing for qualified customers.

Successful companies often use lease financing as a cost effective procurement tool to manage budgets, achieve 100% equipment financing and to structure off-balance sheet financing transactions which typically come with tax advantages such as the ability to write off lease payments as an operating expense 100%.

VFG is privately held and has been in business since 1991. Our customer base includes large multinational companies as well as smaller privately held enterprises. Our appetite to fund equipment acquisitions is not limited by cost, type or location.

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