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About Monoflo International

For over forty years, forward thinking companies trust Monoflo. As the premier manufacturer reusable plastic packaging for System Integration (AS/RS) trays and containers, attached lid totes, pallets, bulk containers and trays & dolly systems, Monoflo’s unique approach to business is why we are a leader. Sustainability – Monoflo’s focus on sustainability saves our customers millions in unneeded materials and waste.

Sustainability is good for the environment, and is also good for the bottom line. At Monoflo, sustainability begins with innovative product design— which maximizes durability while using fewer raw materials. Also, in each of our factories, all of our injection molding machines are being converted to all-electric, ultra energy-saving models.

Constant Improvement and Development – Another reason Monoflo is trusted by so many brands is continuous improvement. From capital equipment to our expanding product line, we employ LEAN manufacturing principles. When combined with customer collaboration and years of industry experience, Monoflo’s output results in better performing products across all industries.

Leveraging Technology – From the most advanced manufacturing ERP software, high speed robotics and injection molding equipment to extensive training and development, Monoflo effectively leverages the latest technology in nearly every aspect of our business. Monoflo is a partner that will save customers time and money.

Domestic Manufacturing – Monoflo is creating jobs in America and fostering domestic economic growth. The talented Monoflo team exemplifies hard work, ingenuity, and proud tradition.

World Class Manufacturing – Monoflo is a proven partner for all the right reasons.


Winchester, VA

Year founded

Company type
Privately Held

Company size
201-500 employees

Design Engineering and Manufacturing of Returnable Containers, Pallet Application and Use, Secondary Returnable Packaging Evaluation, and Reusable Distribution Containers, Bulk Box and Pallets for Supply Chain Optimization