About MHSI

Material Handling Systems, Inc. (MHSI) was founded in 1995 and is a leading Automotive Containerization and Material Flow Company. We are the premier provider of integrated program management solutions to the global manufacturing, distribution, and services communities. We employ some of the finest engineers in the industry to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our customers. MHSI has experience domestically and abroad and has worked in Mexico, Russia, China, South America and the Middle East. We use our expertise, intellectual capital, and unique technology solutions to provide measurable results every time.

In addition to our program management expertise, MHSI is a developer and provider of best-in-class web-based program management tools. Our software is a comprehensive containerization solution capable of managing all aspects of containerization, including project timing management, container development tracking, financial tracking, and progress reporting. Our Online Collaboration Tool provides an intuitive online database that allows individuals from different organizations and different fields to review part plans in real time, cutting down confusion and making sure all parties are on the same page. MHSI has also taken our expertise in software development off the PC and onto the smartphone. With our Mobile Validation App, facility audits are faster than ever before. Our mobile app allows users to quickly search part databases on the go, take pictures of issues, and leave comments, with all data synced and combined for easy analysis in Our proprietary tools go beyond those of our competitors and offer simple, efficient solutions to many common issues that arise in Containerization.

With our experienced managers and employees, years of experience, and cutting-edge technology, MHSI is well-equipped and ready to exceed your expectations today. Redefine your company with MHSI.


Rochester Hills, MI